Insulation works as a barrier to heat transfer, helping to keep out unwanted heat in summer and preserving precious warmth inside your home during winter. With efficient insulation it can be up to 10 degrees cooler in summer and 5 degrees warmer in winter.

Insulation is the most cost effective way to reduce your heating and cooling energy by between 67-87%.

With energy costs rising significantly and Six Star energy rating requirements for all new homes in Victoria as of 1st May 2011, make sure your home is more energy efficient and environmentally friendly, whilst saving you hundreds of dollars every year in energy costs!


Man laying insulation in roof


Ceiling insulation is the most effective form of insulation you can have. Correctly installed insulation has the potential to save 20-30% on heating and cooling bills.

We can provide a free on-site assessment of your home or business and recommend the products that’s right for you.


Wall insulation is the second most effective form of insulation you can use to reduce transfer of heat.

Wall insulation works in the exactly the same way as ceiling insulation by providing a barrier that prevents heat transfer.

Worker cutting into a wall


The installation of wall wrap can help reduce air-flow around insulation and through the building cavity, allowing the insulation to work more efficiently.  Wall Wrap can also reduce moisture entry through the wall helping prevent structural damage to the frame and allowing the wall insulation batts to perform at the specified R-Value rating.

Insulation inside of a roof


Underfloor insulation is sometimes the forgotten insulation. Decorating trends have seen exposed timber floorboards being more commonly used than carpet with new and existing homes. 

With floorboards comes drafts, and exposure to heat loss. Up to 10% of heat transfers in and out of homes on stumps via the floor.

Worker carrying insulation


Bradford Polyair™ is a range of thermo reflective insulation products that reduce radiant heat gain in roofs and walls. The products can be used in a range of residential and shed applications. Bradford Polyair products reflect heat, keeping your shed cooler on the hottest days and warmer on the coldest nights. Whether your shed is used as an extra work or entertainment space beat the external weather conditions and stay comfortable inside.